Aviator Hat


Aviator Hat


  • Needle size: 3,5mm
  • Yarn: Bebê Todo Dia
  • 2 Markers
  • 1 button
  • Needle auxiliar

Size: Age 0- 3 months

Yarn Yellow
Cast on 36 sts.

knit rib 1/1 sts for 3 cm.

WS: with yarn white color 36 incrases  with sts. rib 2/2 for 3 cm.

Now do 3 incrases: 1 incrase at the beginnig, 1 incrase in the midle and 1 incrase at the end of the row.

RS:Row 1: k3, *p1, k3*, Repeat *.

Yarn Yellow:

Row 2: Follow the sts.

Row 3:  Purl

Row 4: K

Row 5: Repeat row 1

Repeat rows 1-5 for 8cm with  white yarn color.

Row 4  the last repetition replace the yarn for color white and knit in purl 2 rows and 1 row in knit.

Bind off 7 sts.

Cut the white yarn.

Cut the yellow yarn.

Yellow Yarn:

Row 1: K19, turn

Place the stitches that are left on an auxiliary needle.

Row 2: K1, place marker, k17, place marker, k1. Turn

Row 3: k1, slip marker, k2tog, knitting sts. K up to 2 sts. before  the marker and knit k2tog, slip marker, K1. Turn.

Row 4 -5: K

Row 6: Repeat row 3

Row 7-8: K

Row 9: Repeat row 3

Row 10-11: K

Row 12: Repeat row 3

Row 13-14: K

Row 15: Repeat row 3

Row 16-17: K

Row 18:Repeat row 3

Row 19-20: K

Row 21: Repeat row 3.

Knit  a strip of 11 cm.

After 11cm do k2, yo, k2tog, k1.

Knit 2 rows in K and bind off.

Place 7 sts  to the auxiliary needle.

White yarn:

Bind off 23 sts.

Yellow yarn

Repeat row 1-21 and bind off.

At the beginning of the piece, pass the needle the stitches and pull. Make a knot.

White yarn:

Bind off 7 sts.

Join the sides making a stitch sewing

Make a pompom with yarn white color .






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