Aviator Hat

Aviator Hat Materials: Needle size: 3,5mm Yarn: Bebê Todo Dia 2 Markers 1 button Needle auxiliar Size: Age 0- 3 months Yarn Yellow Cast on 36 sts. knit rib 1/1 sts for 3 cm. WS: with yarn white color 36 incrases  with sts. rib 2/2 for 3 cm. Now do 3 incrases: 1 incrase at


Doily Heart Filet

 Helo! This pattern was created in 2011 and and you will find on my site croche.tv in the Portuguese language. Doily Heart Filet   Design: Márcia Galti Translated for: CarrieChelle http://www.ravelry.com/people/carriechelle Note: {repeat between these brackets} Rounds written down in red in the picture  R1: Make magic circle; 10 dc. close with sl st  R2:


The Beginning

Hello! I am Brazilian and I live in southern Brazil, on the beach. I’m  starting a blog in another language. My blog in Português is ” Tricotando Crochê” , and I hope whoever is reading be patient and help me keep it. Posting  here my patterns in this language. I love knitting, crochet, and I